/ Our excellent solutions on safety and emergency management

  • Customs Security and Information Management


    GSAFETY makes a smarter customs information management system by understanding the work of local customs and the guidance of WCO. The system achieves information exchange within the customs itself and between other inter-related agencies.
  • Tax Information and Security Management


    • Provide taxpayers more convenient, faster and more secure tax services• Provide a unified and convenient data-sharing tax management system to the tax authorities so as to solve the business problems of the tax collection, auditing, deep-rooted and supervisory management centers, improve the tax efficiency and reduce the tax cost• Reasonable and convenient and effective tax system to promote economic growth and economic development
  • Cyber Security


    Network security management platform include security monitoring platform and emergency response platform, together create awareness on a comprehensive range of security situational and handle network security events. Network security management platform enhance the level of overall safety and realize safety control.
  • Intelligent Fire Protection


    Fire protection currently face a multitude of challenges in fire monitoring, dispatch and management of protection resources and issues in rescue and fire extinction. GSAFETY provides intelligent fire protection solution for fire and rescue departments of different levels based on advanced public safety technologies along with our deep understanding of fire protection.


/ All Software Products

  • GS-911CAD

    CAD system designed by Gsafety

  • Resource Management System

    Incident Management

  • Prediction and Early Warning System

    Emergency Management System

  • Prediction and Analysis System

    Emergency and Crisis Management

  • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring System

    Monitoring and Pre-warning System

  • Risk Assessment System

    Emergency and Crisis Management

  • Collaborative Consultation System

    Emergency Management

  • Simulation Drilling and Training System

    Emergency Management


  • Mobile App

    A dust and waterproof mobile with application that assists on-site personnel to conduct emergency response...
  • 3D Sand Table

    3D sand table provides digital scenario simulation and customized models to the emergency... 
  • On-site Platform

    An portable emergency response platform system for disaster management, the ability to quickly deploy...


About Us

Beijing Global Safety Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as GSAFETY) was established in 2005 as the only research spin-off of the Institute of Public Safety Research (IPSR), Tsinghua University. After a decade of careful cultivation by IPSR, GSAFETY has become the leading enterprise and China’s first listed company in the public safety and emergency management industry (Shenzhen GEM, stock code 300523).




  • China National Emergency Management System

    The emergency management platform and systems for the Chinese State Concil.                                 more...

  • Singapore VTM

    A video surveillance project for automatically and continuously tracking Vehicles of Interest (VOI) movements within Sentosa island. 

  • ECU-911

    A national wide public safety and emergency management platform for the country of Ecuador during 2014-2016.

  • Beijing Olympic Games

    In 2008, Gsafety participated in the preparation job of Beijing Olympic Games, including evacuation simulation, firefighting simulation, power supply protection for 31 game venues and 45 training centers.

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