• Public Health Emergency Management


  • Intelligent Fire Protection

  • Industrial Safety

  • City Lifeline

    GSAFETY perceives city key infrastructures such as bridges, underground gas pipelines, water supply and drainage pipelines, heat pipelines, elevators, etc. jointly as City Lifelines, given how the safe functioning of such infrastructures plays a critical role in people’s lives. The Smart City Lifeline Management Platform integrates IoT, big data, AI, BIM, GIS, mobile Internet and other technologies to monitor the operation status and surroundings of city infrastructure. The platform provides effective real-time risk assessment empowering the city operators enhanced capabilities for accident prevention in order to create a safe and livable environment for the citizens. • Safety monitoring and warning system• Rescue coordination and drill system• Emergency command system• Early warning information release platform
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management

  • Public Security

    GSAFETY’s system can detect and respond to all types of social emergencies received via IoT sensors as well as Intelligent Call Taking and Dispatch System.
  • Critical Location Safety