Public Security



GSAFETY's public security solution integrates multiple business applications related to public security management, establishes information-based data warehouse, and integrates applications and data to facilitate business collaboration. Gathers and associates mass information using data analysis platform to reflect  comprehensive security situation, key issues, frequent incidents situations and key personnel situations, which play key roles in early warning and capability to combat and prevent crime.


• Comprehensive public security monitoring.

• Intelligent monitoring and risk analysis, in preparation for unexpected events.

• immediate response to public security incidents and disposal.

  • Public Security


    As the continuous development of society, the acceleration of population flow and the change of international environment, people are facing more complicated and diverse public security problems...
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    Community security is the foundation of social stability and harmony, the security community is building a comprehensive well-off society and building a harmonious society and social security is an important part of national life. 
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