In 2011, implementation of an integrated incident, disaster and emergency response platform for complete national coverage of Ecuador was completed. This was implemented in response to high rates of crime, homicide and natural disasters occurring in the region, leading to the need to increase public safety, emergency response and disaster early-warning and mitigation.



At the national level, there are around 4,145 video surveillance cameras installed and operational for the monitoring of citizen security in the public places where they are installed. Around 206 cameras also incorporate loudspeakers. The function of this is to produce a sound message in order to prevent activities that generates violence and insecurity. To pull everything together, 16 ECU 911 centers spread across the country are setup allowing for intelligent monitoring and information gathering, analysis, response and dispatch.




Since implementation in 2011, homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants declined by 63% along with reduction in robberies and other petty crimes, leading to Ecuador’s Global Peace ranking move up by 46 positions from ranking 112th in 2010 to 66th in 2017.