Criminal Record Management

Incident Management

Designed for smart criminal case management, query and analysis.

The product is designed for public safety agencies to provide a complete, efficient and reliable case information management system to realize fast, efficient and accurate in-formation acquisition transmission for different levels, public safety agencies with differ-ent regions and different departments to integrate. Moreover, it will achieve information sharing and provide basic information and available analysis of data for decision makers.

• Case Management

  According to the corresponding case work flow, The system can manage and maintain basic information of cases involving people, involving goods and other relevant infor-mation and can provide the case handling process records, such as the admissibility of the case, case detection, the termination of case, law document management etc.

• Case Inquiry

  Allows users to query the system records of the case information, such as the staff of the gang information, article information, and brief case

• Statistic and Analysis

  System can carry on the statistical analysis of the case information in multi dimension, such as the type of the case, the analysis of the time of the incident, the area of the crime, the analysis of the crime means, the analysis of the position of the crime and so on.

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    Incident Management

  • Resource Management System

    Incident Management

  • Criminal Record Management

    Incident Management