Simulation Drilling and Training System

Emergency Management

Emergency simulation exercises and training systems are emergency personnel/accident/emergency rehearsal in the virtual reality platform, built-in three-dimensional models can simulate a wealth of accident scenarios, and provides intelligent handling; Re-deductive mode of exercise, to improve the ability of emergency response personnel emergency response command, and enhancing the usability of existing emergency plans or solutions.


• Exercises for scripting

  Allows users to easily manage multiple exercise scenarios, such as disposal of radiation accidents, workplace accidents and rescue, rescue scenarios.

• Walkthrough implementation

  Leading the entire scenario walkthrough in the teacher training process, students can play different roles for emergency management and response to accidents in the virtual scene.

• Process record

  Automatic exercise system can record the whole process, such as what action do each exercise, students in the process, each movement spent much time in order to assess responses to student improvement.

• Evaluation summary module

  Walkthrough assessment expert reviews and analysis of various aspects of the exercise, according to exercise exposed the deficiency problems or suggest improvements, improve emergency plans.

  • Resource Management System

    Incident Management

  • Incident Information Management System

    Emergency and Crisis Management

  • Risk Assessment System

    Emergency and Crisis Management

  • Collaborative Consultation System

    Emergency Management

  • Simulation Drilling and Training System

    Emergency Management

  • Interactive Dashboard

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