Collaborative Consultation System

Emergency Management

In the course of handling, in order to enable communication between agencies to achieve maximum efficiency, involved in the disposition of the multi-sectoral, multi-level, multi regional multiple unit and mobile terminal can use the system to provide a uniform map interface, system for remote collaboration and consultation, common analysis of the events development and consultation measures assisted emergency disposal, improve the efficiency of emergency response.


• Organization and management of conferences

  Set up online conferences, invited the various units involved in the discussion in real time. Key features include audio and video collaborative consultation service, instant messaging services, consultation services, collaborative management and integrated control unified user management service.

• Map sharing

  Provide a unified view of map, and displayed in a map of emergency situation and response analysis results, when an emergency occurs, clients can be based on the map of hazards, protection objectives, field teams, emergency resources, field headquarters, plotting, and parties marking content synchronization.

• File transfer and sharing

  Sharing files in the system.

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  • Collaborative Consultation System

    Emergency Management

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