Risk Assessment System

Emergency and Crisis Management

According to the relevant incident information, surrounding environment and event chain analysis, Risk Assessment System can forecast and display the potential trend of the major emergency based on disaster analysis models. It would establish risk assessment system to provide a basis for emergency preparedness and to eliminate or reduce the risk of accidents, therefore to help the operator to understand the current situation to make decisions based on the analysis.


• Risk Analysis

  The system can analysis scope of the protection objectives, hazards, emergency resources, population and economic information combed with the actual situation to get analysis reports and suggestions.

• Identification and Evaluation of Disaster Causing Factors

  The system can collect various emergency historical disaster statistics for a given area, and can analysis data based on coupling study between different disasters and disaster model to reveal the hazard factor type, intensity, frequency, temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of the influence and finally to generate disaster factor evolution map.

• Regional Social and Physical vulnerability Analysis

  Based on the regional population density, social structure, economic attribute, the layout of public service facilities and the emergency response ability, and combined with the regional accessibility capacity, bearing capacity and pipe network, system takes advantage of physical vulnerability analysis model given by regional public security vulnerability evaluation system to generate regional vulnerability analysis of the comprehensive regionalization and to related thematic map.

• Comprehensive Risk Assessment based on Disasters Coupling Anaysis

  According to the influence factors of primary and secondary event and uncertainty time series and transfer probability, the system provides a comprehensive risk analysis of multi disaster assessment based on coupled with the chain of events.

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  • Risk Assessment System

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