Prediction and Early Warning System

Emergency Management System


Prediction and early warning system is designed to detect potential risks and analyze their trends. With data from sensors and other systems, this system can forecast the possible secondary and derivative incidents, and predict its scope, duration and damage. Combining with the early warning grading proposal made by early warning indicators classification, system generates comprehensive early warning information and aided de-cision-making.


• Information Acquisition

  The system acquires information by calling the interface of other systems. (e.g. compre-hensive business management system). The results of forecasting and early warning are reported by specialized departments and shown on GIS map.

• Comprehensive Analysis and Evaluation

  Analyze surrounding environment, derivative incidents, incident chains based on special-ized models.

• Early Warning Classification

  The system manages early warning classification and its standards. It refines a series of indicators for early warning classification models and incident scale.

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  • Prediction and Early Warning System

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