Video Surveillance System

Monitoring and Pre-warning

It is an important component of public safety which is used for monitoring, storing, analyzing real scenario by using advanced video intelligent analytics.

GSAFETY's video surveillance system is an intelligent platform that integrates video access, video file management, daily monitoring, equipment operation and maintenance management. It is the eyes to guarantee public safety by means of real-time monitoring and recording the security situation and transmitting information to all level of command centers, so that the relative agencies can intuitively know about urban security status, and can efficiently make a dispatch and command for emergencies.

• Video access

  Monitoring system can make monitoring data have a structured process and send such data to platform in a unified encoding format.

• Video data management

  It is able to complete the video file storageing, accessing, editing, deleting and searching.

• Video play

  System can display real-time monitoring screen on single or multi screen in a time se-quence, and also can playback the video in a sequence of key frames.

• Monitoring control

  System provides PTZ control and automatic cruise function, so that the equipment can monitor the target in a certain scope defined by users.

• Equipment operation and maintenance

  The equipment operation and maintenance contains information retrieve, view and dis-play, and also contains device operation enabling and disabling.