Comprehensive Business Management System

Incident Management

It helps the supervisor to handle the daily and routine works such as shift scheduling, document management, information search and statistical reports.

Comprehensive business system is designed to meet the daily needs of emergency management agencies, to simplify work flow, improve work efficiency, processize intelligent emergency information, plan management, file query and digitalize daily business.



• Reports Management

  The functions are composed of subordinate submitting, information receiving, infor-mation management, information inputting, instructions reporting.

• Duty Management

  Duty Management is composed of scheduling management, document management, message management, telephone, fax, mail management and daily business processing management.

• File Management

  File management has function of classification for paper, electronic documents, images. It can archives, edit, fast search such files.

• Emergency Plan Management

  Emergency plan management can informationize processing of emergency planning and implement the plan recording, plan preparation, approval and stage management.It can be backup for the subordinate plan to effectively improve the pre-plans and record man-agement level.

• Case Management

  Case library maintained by relevant agencies can provide effective reference for event handling. With experiences and lesions learned from past events, the standardized op-eration progress, fast response and improved efficiency can be achieved.

• Knowledge Management

  System provides the function of emergency knowledge, laws and regulations manage-ment in order to deal with the relevant events. It can quickly retrieve the relevant knowledge to provide an auxiliary reference for the event disposal.

  • Comprehensive Business Management System

    Incident Management

  • Resource Management System

    Incident Management

  • Criminal Record Management

    Incident Management