Mobile App

A dust and waterproof mobile with application that assists on-site personnel to conduct emergency response works would transmit information between incident field and the command center in a wireless network environment. This application contains two parts: the front-end application for the on-site personnel and the back-end application for the command center are applied to achieve a smooth interaction between the response units and the command center. 


• Task dispatch

  Which enables real-time task management for response force with mobile devices. It provides a controllable and real time incident list, incident updates, task list and task progress checking service, checking for allows status and progress sharing of closed or unending tasks at any time to ensure quicker response and better outcomes.

• Maps and navigation

  Mapping function allows the police to search, to plan a journey using online maps, to find their own locations and send the corresponding geographic coordinates with each other to the command center with the GPS service, so their routes could be tracked by the command center, they could see each other on the map as well. 

• Message sending and receiving

  This module simplifies the exchange of data among the command center and the on-site personnel by allowing users to send and receive texts, documents, photos, and videos to the command center or their contact. 

• Information service

  This application can be used by on-site personnel to check state and command center’s databases for relevant information such as SOP and so on. 

• Track and management 

  The operator in the command center could easily manage the on-site personnel effectively and see where they are to find who is closest to the incident occurrence place, send message or assign tasks to specific policemen through the back-end application.