Singapore VTM

2016-12-31 00:00:00

Sentosa Island is a popular tourist destination in the densely populated city state of Singapore. Keeping visitors safe and vehicles moving poses a key challenge. Intelligent traffic and vehicle management is important in densely populated areas to ensure public safety and security and maintain continuous traffic flow.

GSAFETY in 2015 setup a subsidiary in Singapore with a view to solve this problem through participation in the public bidding for the Public Security Innovation Projects. Projects are funded by the Singapore government to invite enterprises worldwide to solve social issues. GSAFETY and Tsinghua University's research and track record on public safety stood out in nearly 60 world-renowned high-tech companies such as IBM, Tyco, Cisco, Thales and NEC and successfully won the Vehicle of Interest (VOI) Tracking & Monitoring project, which started in 2016.


GSAFETY in 2017 completed the implementation of the project to automatically and continuously track VOI movements within Sentosa Island. A control center was setup that integrates hardware monitoring for vehicle identification and recognition, continuous tracking of multi-target vehicles, vehicle abnormal and traffic behavior analysis, and real-time trajectories, route and trend analysis to solve public safety and traffic management problems.


In the short time the project was operating, it was successful in reducing congestion, decrease vehicle accidents and crime, and increase visitor numbers and public safety. The successful implementation of this project further drives Singapore's public safety and emergency response industries, with additional research and projects to include crime prevention, crowd behavior identification, early-warning dissemination, fire detection and prevention, CCTV video intelligent recognition and so on. These research and successful projects will be further promoted to Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.