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Emergency Management

2018-03-27 00:00:00

Relying on our strong technical strength and professional experience in emergency management industry, GSAFETY provides solutions, software products, and hardware equipment for governments, enterprises, NGOs to help users to speed up emergency response, reduce property damage and casualties caused by emergency, increased efficiency and management planning.

Government emergency management

GSAFETY is aiming to address the government's need for emergency response and establish an all-round emergency response system for all levels of government and departments.

Establish a top-down command system

Unified command and dispatch

Enhance the information-sharing ability among different departments

Disaster management 

The increasing frequency of disasters, and risks of damages by disasters are making people more vulnerable to the effects of disasters. The disaster management solution covers disaster preparedness, monitoring and early warning, emergency response and recovery, as well as improves the government’s abilities to respond to various types of disasters, and mitigate losses.

Industrial emergency management  

GSAFETY provides industries (including petroleum, electricity and nuclear power, etc.) solutions for safety monitoring and emergency management, so as to reduce or eliminate losses occurring from industrial accidents to production, environment and society. Includes:

Intelligent security in industrial installations

Emergency rescue command system for safe production

Platform for prevention, control and early warning in high-risk industries