Public Security


Intelligent Alert and Dispatch System (GS-CAD)

The GS-CAD system can receive notifications of incidents, create a visual interface for the dispatch and collection of police information and receive alarms. It ensures the rapid deployment of relevant emergency and security personnel, thus helping to ensure citizen security.

Traditional systems of alert and dispatch:

Divided between different departments; a single incident requires several notifications.

Multiple alarms for the same incident consume a large amount of resources

Alert and non-standardized dispatch

There is no support for scientific models for decision making

One line of communication, low efficiency

The information does not flow between departments


Unified alert

Support AI to discard repeated alarms and relate incidents.

Alert and standardized dispatch.

Analysis of time and location + Computational models

Unified Communications (UC)

Inter-departmental information shared in real time

Visual Control System

Using COP (Common Operational Screen) technology, Big Data analysis, UC (Unified Communications), etc., the visual control system can monitor critical incidents, guarantee the security of large events, the unified visualization of all available resources, etc. In this way, the tasks of command and deployment of relevant emergency and security personnel are achieved in a visual and optimized way, ensuring a high level of efficiency, and thus helping to guarantee citizen security.

Non-police management system of public safety

Thanks to the shared databases and the fluid communication between the different departments, it is guaranteed that incidents that are not a police matter are dealt with immediately and referred to the corresponding protocol. Helping to guarantee citizen security.

Unified Care, Assignment, Coordination

Messaging, Shipping, Signature, Processing, Monitoring, Conference, Reports, Performance Evaluation, Work Desk