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Intelligent Fire Protection

2018-03-24 00:00:00

Risk Detection System

The Risk Detection System surpasses traditional detection systems through use of advanced technology for prevention and control, public monitoring and joint management to detect and avoid risks that combine network technology and Internet of Things monitoring. It is a smart system that learns, adapts and self corrects.

Support System for Regular Operation Monitoring

It provides verified risk information for fire protection through use of multi-channel and multi-dimension analysis and monitoring with a map of regular operations to show audiovisual security status of fire protection. It reviews alarms and information that was uploaded by Internet of Things device for protection against fire, thus it offers complete operation and monitoring.

Comprehensive Management System of Supervision for Fire Protection

The fire risk data that is collected by the risk detection system is unified managed and a map of fire protection risks is formed with the geographic information data to perform analysis and statistics according to industry and geographic areas in order to create a scientific inspection plan. 

Risk Detection System

Remote monitoring of the Internet of Things

Video monitoring of fire protection control room

Internal risk inspection by companies

Monitoring of municipal fire protection access

Denunciation of risks by public

Monitoring of fire protection services

Command Auxiliary Decision System for Extinction and Rescue

The system of auxiliary decision of command for extinction and rescue integrates Internet of Things, service support, video cameras, time, environment and other public resources to help fire fighting personnel of different levels protection against fire and fulfills the tasks of decision and command in the process of rescue and extinction. Using technologies of sending thematic diagram and consultation of audio and video etc., to improve the decision efficiency, ensure the quality of decision and promote the command capacity and mission of the entire fire protection group.

Strict Management System for Fire Protection Materials

Strict dynamic management is carried out for fire protection materials, vehicles and medicine through RFID, Internet of Things and NB-IOT technologies. By means of Big Data, the information provides support for material purchase, maintenance and adequate allocation is offered.

Big Data Application System for Fire Protection

Research and analysis, statistics, and comprehensive big data analysis of fire protection in order to combine the flow of data, business and administration, plays an important role in the investigation of sources of fires, analysis of fire risks and propagation of fire protection knowledge.