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Customs Security and Information Management

2018-03-02 00:00:00

Customs Administration Management 

Communications, in conjunction with customs mobile command and on-site video dispatching, provide customs authori-ties with an intelligent emergency command center solution. The program can integrate the current customs system and multiple communication tools to the maximum extent, and fully demonstrate the functions of audio interworking, such as audio scheduling, video scheduling, data upload, and text messaging. Customs emergency command and dispatch platforms can greatly improve work efficiency, thus helping leaders to make the most correct decisions quickly.

Through this system, a centralized business database is set up for customs agencies to uniformly store various business data of customs offices around the country, which can be called up at any time, so that enterprises can enjoy the conve-nience of related work when handling various import and export businesses across border areas. The system effectively solves the problems of complicated procedures and lengthy wait time for transfer procedures, and can call business data at any time, improving the speed of transit.

Single Window System

GSAFETY makes a smarter customs information management system by understanding the work of local customs and the guidance of WCO. The system achieves information exchange within the customs itself and between other inter-related agencies. By using the E-Port system, users can finish their clearance job within one single system. The system follows all the standards of WCO, makes customs’ job easier and faster. 

Smart Statistics Service 

GSAFETY attaches great importance to the statistics, analysis and use of various collected customs data. With the help of new IT technologies, we conduct a large amount of trade statistics and trade forecasting based on statistical analysis. We also provide decision making support to customs policymakers, government departments, research institutes, enterprises and the general public. Provide smart statistical analysis to promote trade and development.