Archive and E-Records Management System


The formulation of each decision requires various records, data and documents as important basis. Digital management of archives is an important guarantee for the development of governments, enterprises and NGOs. GSAFETY develops scientific, professional, safe and efficient archive and e-records management solutions for customers to realize the standardized management of archives, which could greatly reduce the difficulty of archive management and improve the office efficiency.

  • Archive Management System

The system has the basic functions of archival records and physical location records of paper documents, and supports the original document borrowing application and querying statistics.

  • Archive Digitization System

The system enables paperless processing of documents, including digital processing of paper media, photos, magnetic carriers and physical files.

  • E-Record Management System

The system has e-record collection, recording and management functions to support archiving documents into files.

  • Office Automatic System

The system supports documents flow and daily workflow, such as notification, reports and statements.

  • Data Security System

The module guarantees security during data transfer and storage process.

  • System Administration

This module enables internal and external users to access data according to their corresponding authorities.