Safety Management Platform for the CHANGI Singapore Airport terminal 5 (T5)

2019-06-05 00:00:00

The international airport of Singapore, Changi, has been ranked by Skytras as the best airport in the world during seven consecutive years. This important international aviation center always has been recognized due to its high security standards and excellent service level.

The east zone of the Changi Singapore’s airport (including the new Terminal 5 (T5), third runaway, airport apron, tunnel, control tower and building of services, etc. ), that started its  expansion in 2017 and it has a passengers’ flow of 70 million of people. This is the biggest infrastructure project which its magnitude is equal to the current size of the 4 terminals of the airport. The construction site covers an area of 11 square kilometers. During the busiest moment of this project a total of 20, 000 workers where involved on it. It has taken 13 years of construction and a laborious security management to overcome the complicated situation of, maintaining the workflow when the current operations (landing and airplane takeoff) never stopped.

In 2018, Gsafety provided security consulting services in the terminals’ construction process for the Singapore Changi Airport Group (CAG) , implementing succesfully the AR intelligent glasses in the construction’s safety inspection, as well they started to build the construction Security Command Center at the T5 in the east zone of the Changi airport, (CECC). This solution covered the integration of vehicle and personnel localization at the construction site, video survilliance, safety inspection and other functions, in order to guarantee a safe consturction process at the  Changi airport. 

At the same time, the company has taken over the scientific research and innovation in the Airport runaways’ Tarmac Management, with the implementation of advanced technology like the radar laser which has allowed them to quickly react in the detection of anomalies and solution of them. 

The Internal Affairs Ministry of Singapore and Changi Airport Group awarded Gsafety due to their outstanding service level and their high-tech systems.

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