Beijing GS Technology Co., Ltd (also known as GSAFETY) is a sole spin-off from the Institute of Public Safety Research (IPSR), Tsinghua University. Built upon the strong R&D foundation from IPSR with more than 200 software copyrights and patents, GSAFETY delivers the state-of-the-arts public safety and security technologies and comprehensive emergency management solutions to meet the requirements from various government public safety and security agencies, which include national large scale disaster emergency response management, urban public safety management, hazardous chemical safety management, critical infrastructure safety management, nuclear power safety management and so on. In the process of continuous practice and research, what GSAFETY have done is to detect potential risks and forecast its disasters, and respond to emergencies and minimize the damages. 

Our mission

To enhance the quality of life, safety, and security of governments enterprises, general public and organizations through our comprehensive and integrated public safety and security solutions. 

Our vision

A global leader in public safety and emergency technology, and ideal partner for social safety and emergency management.  

Our value

• Customer-centric

• Diligent and efficient

• Hard working

• Actions over words