Beijing Global Safety Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as GSAFETY) was established in 2005. It is the only research spin-off of the Institute of Public Safety Research (IPSR), Tsinghua University. As a member company of Tsinghua Holdings (a State-owned limited liability corporation approved by the State Council), GSAFETY is also the only company that focuses on public safety and emergency management among the group. After a decade of careful cultivation by IPSR, GSAFETY has become the leading enterprise in the industry. In 2016, GSAFETY has listed at Shenzhen GEM (stock code 300523).

GSAFETY is headquartered in the northern core area of Zhongguancun innovation centre, and has established software R&D base and emergency equipment production base in Wuhan and Hefei, respectively. GSAFETY works in close collaboration with agencies and organizations including CMA Public Meteorological Service Centre, China National Institute of Standardization, National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information, etc., and sets up a number of domestic & oversea joint ventures in government emergency management, industrial emergency management, urban safety (lifeline safety monitoring, intelligent civil air defence, smart firefighting, industrial park and petrochemical plant safety), public safety for foreign countries, public safety education and training and other areas.

Supported by the renowned integrative research-production mechanism of Tsinghua University and the academic excellence of IPSR, GSAFETY is dedicated to technological advancement and promotion of public safety industry. Closely engaged in constructing the national emergency response system, Global Safety is proud to undertake the noble responsibility to keep our society safe and secure. Global Safety is the leading proponent and contractor of the State-local Joint Lab of Public Safety and Emergency Response Technology which was approved by National Development and Reform Commission in 2015. The lab is the first national lab dedicated to public safety and emergency technology, and marked a milestone in technological advancement of GSAFETY since the establishment of Beijing Municipal Engineering Laboratory, Engineering Technology Research Centre, and the Beijing Enterprise Technical Centre.

GSAFETY’s products and systems for public safety and emergency management have been successfully deployed in 26 provincial governments, 200+ local governments, 7 national search & rescue teams of the State Administration of Work Safety, 14 search & rescue teams of state-owned enterprises, 28 provincial mobile nuclear & radiation emergency platforms of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, China-US Joint Nuclear Safety Centre, and government departments including civil air defence, public security, fire safety, oceanic safety, meteorology, seismology, civil affairs, hydrology, forestry, electrical power, border control, etc.

GSAFETY’s systems and equipment played critical roles in numerous major events and emergencies including the Olympics Games security management, Wenchuan Earthquake, Yushu earthquake, the snow disaster in the south of China, Zhouqu landslide, Jiangxi flood, Dalian petrol pipeline explosion, Bohai sea ice disaster, Xinjiang snowmelt flood, oversea Chinese citizen evacuation from Libya, and so on. In the meantime, GSAFETY has outreached to the international market and successfully undertaken projects in Ecuador, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, etc., and contributed to significant enhancement of the local public safety and security, further cementing China’s international stature in the domain of public safety.

Our mission

To enhance the quality of life, safety, and security of governments enterprises, general public and organizations through our comprehensive and integrated public safety and security solutions. 

Our vision

A global leader in public safety and emergency technology, and ideal partner for social safety and emergency management.  

Our value

• Customer-centric

• Diligent and efficient

• Hard working

• Actions over words