Beijing Global Safety Technology Co. Ltd. (known as GSAFETY) is a high-tech enterprise originating from Tsinghua University dedicated to industrialization and commercialization of public safety and emergency technology research undertaken by Tsinghua University Institute of Public Safety Research (the Institute). Building on the technical advantages of Tsinghua University and the Institute, the company develops new products and services for public safety and emergency response to meet the requirements of domestic and international markets.

In the process of continuous practice and research, we can detect potential safety and security risks, forecast disasters and respond to and manage emergencies to minimize damages. The core products and services of GSAFETY include comprehensive call-taking and dispatch system, comprehensive security monitoring system, video surveillance system, intelligent video analysis platform, disaster forecasting release system, disaster simulation practice system, etc. These are combined to create a series of key solutions like smart and safe city, prison security, urban and production lifeline, intelligent firefighting, traffic management, tax and customs management and others.

The company has a series of independent intellectual property rights and core technologies and achieved hundreds of software copyrights and patents around the world. We have always been in the forefront of public safety in China and abroad.

Our mission

To enhance the quality of life, safety, and security of governments enterprises, general public and organizations through our comprehensive and integrated public safety and security solutions. 

Our vision

A global leader in public safety and emergency technology, and ideal partner for social safety and emergency management.  

Our value

• Customer-centric

• Diligent and efficient

• Hard working

• Actions over words